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In Only 4 Simple Steps

Step One: Fill out the form to the right with your contact information and the information about the house you are looking to sell.

Step Two: Once the information on the house submitted has been analyzed, I will call you and we will set up a time for me to take a look at the house. In many situations, I will even review the property on my own and meet with you after. I am interested in the potential of the house; so if it is in terrible condition – no problem!

Step Three: After I have reviewed the property, in most cases, I am ready to make my cash offer.
We will discuss the home and when we both feel 
like it’s a “win/win”; we will enter into a simple purchase and sale agreement. We will discuss all the terms in the contract and decide how soon you will get paid.

Step Four: You get paid! We will decide on how quickly you would like to close and from this point; I open escrow with a licensed closing agent and you get your cash.

As you can see; it’s a very simple and painless process to get your home sold quickly. There is no obligation until we sign the contract and everything is confidential, so you really have nothing to lose. If you feel we can’t meet eye to eye and agree on terms, then we simply part ways and you will know the current market value of your home.

Sell your house today!

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