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Jared Buys Houses is a division of JH1 Homes and is owned and operated by Jared Holland.

Jared is a Pacific Northwest native and is an investor and a licensed real estate broker with  Compass Real Estate .

He was raised on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, WA and now makes his home in Seattle, a city that he loves. 

JH1 Homes is a real estate investment company specializing in residential redevelopment and ground up development. We purchase properties in the greater Seattle area.

We have streamlined the process because we know how stressful selling your home can be and we strive to make every transaction a win-win for everyone.

Jared is proud that his company is helping people, restoring neighborhoods and creating beautiful homes for people to enjoy for a lifetime.

We know we’re succeeding when happy clients refer Jared and JH1 Homes to their friends and family.

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